Grow your Business through better Fleet Management

Each vehicle in your fleet has the potential to be either an asset or a liability, and striking the right balance is complex and requires careful research, timing, and future projections. In its essence, fleet management is asset management. Fleet Perfection is designed to do precisely that: Guide you to manage the cars in your fleet to reach financial success.
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What Fleet Perfection Can Do For You

Current Pricing Data

Stay On Top of Your Fleet's Value

With Fleet Perfection's direct connection to the most current market information through the leading data providers like Cox Automotive and Manhiem, your fleet's current value is always just a click away. Knowing what your fleet is worth right now is the first step in effective management. Knowing what to do when that value changes is the next.
  • Instantly calculate value
  • Forcast future value
  • Hidden benefit
  • Export to Excel
  • Calculate depreciation
  • Forecast future depreciation
Revenue Management Integration

Choose a Fleet that Makes Sense for Rental and for Sale

Car rental isn't only about rentals, and it isn't only about car sales, it is about doing your best at both. When you use your revenue management system and Fleet Perfection together, you get the answers you need to grow your revenue.
Revenue Growth
Revenue managers that work closely with fleet managers on average have a 30% higher year over year performance as compared to organizations that do not help their revenue manangers and fleet managers work together.
Use Fleet Perfection to crunch the numbers and help you decide what next year's fleet should be based on rental rates and market resale rates - finally you can view the whole picture.
Counter System Integrationn

Your Data is Always Current

Fleet Perfection is connected to every major Rental Counter System which makes your job a breeze. Without any effort on your part, your counter system can automatically upload and update your fleet data in the Fleet Perfection system. This means that you don't have to perform any teadious data entry.
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Integrated Fleet Management

Time Savings

Fleet Perfection provides you with the capability to know the exact value of each car in your fleet. With its summary dashboard, Fleet Perfection generates a bird’s eye view over your total assets and discloses important fleet figures such as type of ownership percentages, fleet composition, and other key reports
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Value Alerts!

Fleet Perfection's current market value feature calculates each car’s market value, taking into consideration key factors such as condition, location, make, model, and year. It also discloses retail value and auction value for each vehicle. This report is updated automatically so that fleet managers are always up-to-date and can make informed selling decisions.
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See The Future

Fleet Perfection’s game changing algorithms provides the estimated future market values of each vehicle and for up to 3 years into the future. It considers the age of the car, its condition, and a host of factors that affect future value. With this projection feature, fleet managers can control decisions about the best time to sell a vehicle to maximize profit.
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The Most Reliable Data

Fleet Perfection is backed up by the most reliable data in the business, like Cox Automotive / Manaheim
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